How do we worship God?



In the Bible we are told that worshipping God is the first duty of man and an especially great privilege for a Christian.  Here at Ridley Hall we seek to conduct our worship in a way that is glorifying to God, and we believe that the best way to do this is by incorporating into our church services things that are positively commanded in the New Testament.


Our services are simple and straightforward, seeking to bring honour to God and helping us to focus our attention upon Him rather than on anybody else.  To put it simply; we sing psalms and hymns together in praise of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


The preaching of the Word of God (The Bible) also plays a central role in our services.  From its inspired pages we find all that we need in order to walk through this life following Jesus.  In the morning service helpful, in-depth teaching is provided for Christians, and in the evening service a Gospel message is given for those who have not yet entered into a personal relationship with Christ (this service is ideal for your first visit).



We hope we've made things clear to you as regards how we seek to worship and praise God here at Ridley Hall - but the best way to find out what we are all about is by coming along and paying us a visit!